“Henneberry’s working method really pays off in a painting such as Red on Red, where the various shades of red and equally varied types of brushstrokes give you a lot to consider in what in lesser artistic hands might come off as neatly sectioned near- monochromatic zones.”

– Mike Giuliano, The City Paper of Baltimore, May 2002

“Minimalism’s antithesis, abstract expressionism, can be seen in the recent paintings by Kathryn Henneberry at the Parish Gallery. They are wonderfully exuberant works, big, vivid fields of color that convey a sense of spontaneity and freedom. If minimalism comes mainly from the mind, Henneberry’s work comes from the heart and the soul “Remembering the Music,” is a powerful, deeply textured study in aqua marines, greens and blues that seem to ripple and flow like a musical stream. Working in Acrylic, Henneberry piles the paint on, brushing it, raking it, collaging pieces of old works onto the canvas and then painting them over. The viewer gets the sense that the artists goes into the studio and just lets her talent take her where it will.”

– Ferdinand Protzman, The Washington Post, 1996


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