I am an abstract expressionist. I draw on sources of inspiration as diverse as music, the motion of a wave or stormy sky. I start the painting process by constructing forms on the surface of my canvas, which are then fused with color and texture. The simplicity of these forms and the use and manipulation of color and texture are the undercurrents that drive my work. The color speaks of the painting’s emotion. The texture gives the painting depth, a sculptural quality, which I try to accomplish through the utilization of such instruments as my hands, rakes and pallet knives. The fusion of these three elements brings a painting from a blank canvas to a complete and final image. For me as a painter, part of the success of any work is reflected by the response it evokes in the individual viewer.

There is a quote by the painter Ellsworth Kelly that I find invaluable in my work,
“I want to let the eye speak instead of the mind.” Art News, Dec. 1992

Kathryn Henneberry